Project management

Decades of experience in the telecommunications and construction industries provides Helirig with the expertise to complete credible project planning and scheduling

  • Laying the Groundwork

    Preparing clear and detailed method statements and risk assessments ensure a strong framework for completing the project on the day. Helirig prepare these documents for review and approval by the client.
  • Permits and Licences

    Helirig have strong, long-standing relationships with numerous, relevant statutory authorities that issue permits and licenses. Helirig negotiate the time-consuming and confusing world of permits and licensing so you don't have to.
  • Managing Sub-Suppliers and Subcontractors

    Lifting heavy loads and completing TV & Radio broadcast projects often requires a number of sub-suppliers and subcontractors. Helirig have strong experience defining communications channels between a variety of teams and expertise.
  • On-site

    Proven by strong and positive client testimonials, Helirig guarantee that the day of the lift proceeds smoothly without disruption. We ensure teams on the day are briefed fully, and that co-ordination is thorough and consistent from start to finish.

Securing vital permits and licenses

Helirig recently completed a project on behalf of Ernst & Young. They wanted to lift new chillers onto their building in the renowned ‘More London’ business and arts district. To minimize disruption to local workers and tourists, Helirig procured permits from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and co-ordinated with relevant on-site teams guaranteeing the safety of all involved.


Helirig are proud to have helped Warner Brothers and director Chris Nolan complete a highly complex stunt for blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises. Helirig co-ordinated between special effects teams, aviation authorities, landowners and stuntmen to bring a highly complex and ambitious project to a successful conclusion.