TV & Radio Projects

Helirig joins the small group of UK companies with the competence, capability and qualification to install terrestrial broadcast equipment at height with the appropriately skilled personnel and equipment

  • Mast & Towers

    Design and supply of helicopter-ready masts and towers with features to facilitate erection by helicopter. This includes module weights which correspond to the helicopter's lifting capacity, suitable standing positions to assist riggers during installation and temporary guide systems for speed and safety.
  • Design and installation of foundations

    Helirig have capabilities in the design and installation of foundations including special temporary foundations and solutions that lend themselves to construction by helicopter. Subject to ground conditions, this might involve concrete or screw piles or simple buried anchors.
  • Re-engineering

    Helirig handle the re-configuration of existing towers, masts and antenna/feeder systems for increased structural capacity, modified frequencies, coverage or power handling. Everything from the design and installation of strengthening steelwork to the modification of antenna offsets and up-rating of antenna distribution feed systems.
  • Installation of antennas

    The installation, testing and commissioning of antenna/feeder systems. Whatever the radio or TV broadcast required Helirig can design, specify and procure the required equipment and undertake the full turnkey installation including the structural interface.

Renewal of Vital Equipment on Croydon TV mast

On completion of the UK’s digital switchover (DSO) programme, there remained one important site requiring the digital upgrade. Croydon TV mast in the South of London carries the capital’s reserve broadcast systems in event of failure of the main infrastructure.

Helirig’s task at Croydon was to remove the top of the tower and replace with new steelwork, fully ‘dressed’ and cabled with a new digital TV antenna. During the design phase it was established that with the new antenna profile, the entire tower would be more susceptible, under certain wind conditions, to dynamic oscillation. So in addition to the new steel spine, Helirig designed and manufactured the first tuned liquid filled damper of its type to be installed on a TV mast in the UK.

It was decided to use a helicopter for the antenna swap to reduce the period of time that the antenna would be out of service, but also to reduce the disruption and inconvenience to residents and neighbours to the site. With careful planning and coordination the antenna was assembled on its steel spine, tested, delivered to site and lifted into place with all lifting completed in a single day.

Residents of London and much of the South East of England can now rest assured that should there be some form of catastrophic failure of the main systems, the digital system at Croydon would be switched on leaving only moments of TV darkness.