Unmatched experience and world‑class expertise

Helirig provide the leading helicopter lifting service in the UK & Ireland, proven to reduce complexity, management time and risk

Precision Lifting

Helirig's swift and precise service is adaptable for engineering, construction or transportation projects in remote rural or complex urban environments.

  • Unmatched experience lifting heavy loads in remote rural locations and tight, complex urban neighborhoods.
  • Highly skilled, experienced pilots and specially adapted helicopters ensure projects are completed safely and efficiently.
  • Lifting projects carefully planned and managed from start to finish. Helirig handle permits and licenses so you don’t have to.
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Facing down challenges

With unparalleled industry experience negotiating the most difficult terrains and logistical challenges, Helirig's world-class piloting guarantees a smooth, safe and efficient lift.

  • A fixed line of 50m and sometimes longer gives Helirig access to particularly tight locations and reduces potentially damaging rotor down-wash.
  • Pilot, ground crew and helicopters work together to lift loads of up to 5000kg safely and precisely.
  • Helirig helicopters work in adverse weather conditions. Strong winds can even give our helicopters greater lift, while maintaining safety and millimeter accuracy.
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critical advantage

Deploying Helirig's proficient helicopter lifting service has numerous advantages helping save time, money and complexity.

  • Other lifting methods require extensive enabling work, such as strengthening substructures, protecting vulnerable underground services or modifying kerb lines.
  • Work is completed swiftly and efficiently. Projets that would take days or weeks subject to weather conditions and road closures, is wrapped up in minutes with Helirig.
  • The manpower and coordination to organize complex enabling work and road closures is extensive. You can do everything right and then adverse weather conditions can delay or cancel a lift. Helirig’s specialist helicopter lifting services bypasses these concerns.
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Key Applications

The contexts and applications of Helirig's specialist service is constantly expanding and evolving.

Power Lines

Helirig have extensive experience building and maintaining power lines. The increased use of helicopters in the industry is testimony to their efficiency and competency against tough deadlines.

  • Costly access solutions to remote rural areas can delay or even prohibit work on power lines. Mountains, steep terrain, SSSIs, moorlands or peat bogs are no barrier to Helirig helicopters and crew.
  • Helirig could add value in many ways:
    • Delivery of manpower, plant, equipment and materials to site
    • Piling rigs, excavators, winches and blocks can all be flown to site locations
    • Delivery and pouring of wet concrete directly to tower bases
    • Erection of new towers by helicopter
    • Stringing of conductors
    • Dismantling and removal of old towers
    • Removal of pre-felled tower steelwork
Helirig lifting a new tower into position

M&E Plant

Helirig's experienced team lifts with millimeter accuracy, negotiating complex and challenging urban environments. We guarantee a successful lift from ground to rooftop for chillers, air-conditioners, fan units and more.

  • Helirig will lift your air conditioning units, fans and any other equipment to your rooftop quickly and safely with millimeter accuracy.
  • If you have difficulty with road closures, or if the ground cannot support crane outrigger loads, then lifting by helicopter could be the solution you hadn’t yet thought of.
  • Helirig completes the job in a complex, busy urban area in a matter of minutes when other lifting solutions could take weeks with prolonged road closures to the public
  • Helicopters can operate at high wind speeds, limiting the need for multiple contingency plans, delays and disruption to traffic.
Fitting a new chiller at Westfield Shopping Centre


Helirig’s expert helicopter lifting service can be adapted for a wide range of projects. Using a helicopter could be the ideal solution for your personal or business project. Get in touch to see how Helirig can work with you.

  • We translate our unparalleled technical expertise generated in the construction sector for a wide variety of unexpected uses.
  • Helirig worked with film director Chris Nolan on the opening aerial stunt for The Dark Knight released in 2012. Find out here about how a precise, controlled helicopter lift can assist complete a stunning visual effect.
  • In 2014 Helirig participated in the world premiere of Jaguar’s XE, carrying the new car across the London skyline. Contact Helirig to find out how we can improve your brand/PR event.
  • Helirig have capacity to work in a range of sectors including railway construction, individual projects, etc.
Assisting Jaguar Land Rover with a PR stunt

To minimise disruption of service, a helicopter was by far the best and fastest solution.

— Neil Sangar, Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions