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Installation of new fan units

What is now Europe's largest shopping center in the heart of London's Olympic site employed Helirig's services to install new fan units.

  • 29 Fan Units — Each unit weighed up to 4,500kg with a length of 5m and height of 3m.
  • Total Weight — On the day a huge total of nearly 100 tonnes was lifted onto 4 different rooftops.
  • Flying Time — Despite strong winds and rain, the lift was completed in under 90mins
  • Key Benefit — The alternative would have been 3 cranes of up to 750t capacity to reach all locations.

Westfield needed to install 29 new fan units onto 4 different roof tops. With ambitious deadlines looming, using cranes was a lengthy and costly procedure that risked delaying the project. It would have required 3 mobile/crawler cranes of up to 750t capacity to reach all 4 locations. Westfield looked for alternative solutions and soon got in touch with Helirig.

Westfield elected to employ the services of Helirig as it was by far the most cost-effective solution to the problem. The lift was completed in only 90mins much to the amazement of the Westfield team. In wet and windy conditions, the skilled pilot and ground crew safely and with great accuracy completed the project. Helirig’s timely intervention ensured that what is now one of Europe’s most popular shopping centres opened on time.

Helirig provided a very cost effective and efficient solution to our problem and executed it with great professionalism. A large number of lifts in a single afternoon allowed us to avoid the very significant disruption that large cranes would have brought to the site.

— Derek Bellringer, Westfield Shopping Centre