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Halo 4 launch event for Xbox 360 in central London

XBOX 360 celebrated the release of Halo 4 with a ground-breaking aerial stunt over the glittering London skyline. Helirig were asked to carry the iconic Glyph symbol along the River Thames and to manage all aerial activities and permissions.

  • The Glyph — Measured 15m in diameter, was made of aluminium, and weighed 3,200kg.
  • Permits — Flight permissions obtained from CAA and NATS; Helirig negotiated with the Port Authority to agree a temporary closure of the River Thames.
  • The Lift — The Glyph was carried on a 50m line at an altitude of 350ft from the O2 Arena to Tower Bridge.
  • Filming — Helirig provided a second helicopter to film the spectacle, while Xbox positioned camera crews along the bank of the river and on a boat.

The stunt raised global awareness for Halo 4’s official release the next day and Microsoft were delighted with the buzz that it generated on the streets of London and on social media. The Glyph itself was made entirely of customized components, held together with high strength-to-weight aluminium and illuminated by 20kw of pure orange LED light.

The twin-engine Super Puma used for this lift is the only one in Europe equipped to complete the job. With an experienced crew and pilot, Helirig are proud to have been part of the team that brought Microsoft’s creative ideas to life.

Microsoft filmed the event and you can watch their behind-the-scenes footage below.

Thank you Helirig for everything you’ve done on this project. Without you it simply wouldn’t have been possible.

— Theresa Darlington, Microsoft