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Helicopter Lift For 2 Dry Air Coolers

Grade 1 listed Brighton Dome Corn Exchange employed Helirig's services to lift 2 dry air coolers.

  • Grade 1 Listed Site — 80m long-line maintained the helicopter at sufficient altitude to prevent rotor wash from causing damage to fragile elements on the site.
  • Total Weight — Each Dry Air Cooler weighed 3,000kg and was landed with a tight tolerance within prepared steel cages.
  • Flying Time — The helicopter was above the Grade 1 listed Brighton Dome Corn Exchange for less than 10 minutes.
  • Key Benefit — Speed and reduced disruption in Brighton City Centre where a crane would have closed a major street for about 48 hours.

A major refurbishment of the Grade 1 listed Brighton Dome Corn Exchange forms the first phase of an ambitious heritage project at Brighton’s Royal Pavilion Estate. The improvement works, to restore long-lost heritage features as well as provide new, state-of the art facilities, began on-site in March 2017.

The work required new plant installations and Helirig was called to lift two Dry Air Coolers onto the roof. The use of a crane would have closed Church Street and caused significant disruption. By helicopter, we were able to lift the units from the back of trailers waiting in the adjacent pedestrian area. For the 10 minutes of lifting, pedestrians were held back, but Church Street remained open to traffic as normal.

This Contract Lift was performed using a Kamov Ka32 with a lift capacity of 5,000kg. This helicopter is unusual in that it has contra-rotating coaxial rotors removing the need for a tail rotor.