Helirig recently worked with Norland to help Ernst & Young change the chillers that were providing cooling for their busy central London offices next to Tower Bridge. 4 chillers were lifted in a total of 40 minutes and a 50m line was used to reduce the impact of down-wash.

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The only realistic position to site a crane was directly on the promenade adjacent to HMS Belfast. The enabling strengthening works required to support the crane loads would have caused too much damage to the basements and ancient structures historical significance directly beneath the promenade. Therefore the decision to use helicopters was taken and Helirig was called in.

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To maintain a level of cooling in the building, the chillers were swapped-out in 2 phases. Helirig needed to position new chillers in-between existing chillers still in service on a roof that was very crowded with plant and pipe gantries. Each new chiller was guided into position by Helirig’s ground crew with millimetre accuracy.